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Get refreshment for your whole family or the whole office with convenient Sioux Falls water cooler bottles.

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Refreshing and convenient single-serve Sioux Falls water bottles available for your office, organization or event. Contact us today!

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Dakota Splash Sioux Falls Water

Dakota Splash is the area's leading provider of wholesale Sioux Falls water services, including sales of bottled drinking water for residential or commercial distribution. We are able to deliver a variety of water volume and delivery options and are proud to offer custom-branded water bottles to complement and enhance the appearance of your professional business brand. For additional information on bottled water visit here:

Dakota Splash Sioux Falls Water



Sioux Falls Water from Dakota Splash

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We offer a variety of water volume and delivery options to wholesale partners. Offer your customers the cool, crisp taste of clean water any time at home or at work.

Dakota Splash Wholesale Sioux Falls Water

"I always receive the best service from Dakota Splash, especially Jeff! He is friendly and accommodating. They are on time with their deliveries and are fast and punctual when we need an extra order."

— Anna T., Wholesale distributor

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Make a refreshing impression and give your business a professional edge with custom-branded Sioux Falls water bottles. Contact our team for pricing.